Code Names (2015)

Code Names (2015)

Episode description

Tonight Seth and Jessie offer up their board game review of Codenames. Codenames is a light puzzle solving party game. It is a worldwide success, but will Seth and Jessie keep it on their shelf? 
The game involves two teams, each team has a leader (Spy Master). 25 cards are placed on the table with a single word on each card. The Spy Master is given a keycard showing their teams target locations in the array of 25 cards. The Spy Masters then take turns prompting their teams to guess the correct cards by offering clue of a single word and a number. First team to find all of the targets on the table, without triggering the assassin, wins!

Board Game Geek Stats:

  • 2-8 Players
  • 15 minute Play Time
  • Age 14+

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